Morgellons: You are NOT delusional!

My last semester of college in the Spring of 2017, I became stressed and I started experiences eruptions all over my body, even my face. After a visit to a Dermatologist who had this shocked look on her face as she had read about this but never had seen these lesions with her own eyes. She did treat me with a type of parasite medication. Skin Parasitic Mites was the diagnosis. By this time I had soars all over my face and was struggling the last four weeks I had left before graduating with my Associates Degree at 44 years old. Professors started to look at me stressing and soars on my face. You know what they thought, she is doing Meth. Often Morgellons/LYME sufferers experience that same judgment.
Extreme stress had continued. I went completely insane with these eruptions. Even after several trips to hospitals and mental institutions. Not one mention of what was going on with my skin, ignored. Ignored just as the growing number of people experiencing the same phenomenon and being told , “This is all in your head!” Or say nothing at all. My health began to continue to decline. I slept for three months straight, only to eat and use the restroom. While I would walk every joint in my body would feel like it had fire around them. I knew something more serious was going on. It was not until 2019, I had decided to ask my Primary Care Doctor to test my blood for LYME Disease. He did and three days later the call came in and I was positive for LYME Disease. Which I knew was a terrible, debilitating disease. But I had no idea that there was no cure for late stage LYME. Once you are showing Erythema migrans, one of the rashes associated with LYME the disease has become chronic. Even fatal.
I have explored Morgellons and thought, my symptoms are very similar. As of today in the United States there is no test for Morgellons, not even a medical diagnosis for it. I stumbled unto a blog from Kentucky, my home state. An article written about Morgellon related skin issues.
After contacting the writer, she had had many emails sent to her from readers on this topic. All being told they were delusional. Most of the emails were from Kentucky or Southern Indiana. I was astonished at the number of people going through this nightmare. After my diagnosis of LYME I could not research. It would scare the hell out of me. But I needed to know what I could about this fatal disease. I started my research. The original blog writer updated her story on Morgellons.  On face book is where I started. Reading about the multitude of how Lyme can reek havoc on your life when discovered late in the disease.

Learning about late stage LYME being a denial of HOPE.
With recent Canadian Singer’s being diagnosed, more awareness is being brought to the attention the connection of LYME & Morgellons.
Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain and the most recent Justin Beiber . All Canadians have tested positive and has been living the debilitating symptoms that goes along with this horrid disease!

Avril Lavigne has a foundation for the research and a cure for tick borne illness, LYME.

The Avril Lavigne Foundation

My most recent finding of Lyme and Morgellons being one in the same disease is the movie Skin Deep. Skin Deep was directed by Emmy-winning editor and filmmaker Pi Ware. The film investigates the fierce controversy surrounding the disease known as Morgellons. Morgellons disease symptoms include fatigue, slow-healing lesions, GI disturbances, and—most notably —fibers growing from patients’ skin. Is Lyme disease and Morgellons connected? I am glad I am not the only one asking this question.


LYME DISEASE is at a pandemic level across the world. With a case of LYME diagnosis in every country, except Antarctica. For physicians to deny the symptoms and illness is preposterous. If you or a friend is a LYME suffers, “You are not delusional!” From what I read many people have to seek many doctors and have several tests, until they recieve a positive Lyme Western Blot Test.

I hope this information is helpful for those suffering from Lyme Disease. Just know you are not alone and in the United States, Congress has passed the Kay Hagan Tick Act (S. 1657) –


Tick Act passed by Congress, but how much of $150M goes to …


helping or recognizing Lyme Disease.



















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